Ginet Group

“Real, comprehensive advice - so your plan doesn’t depend on a miracle.”

The key to comprehensive service is to provide not only clear and relevant answers, but also to be thorough and in-depth in the steps we take to define them.

Wealth management plans don’t have to be complicated. Brad Ginet and his team work to narrow all the options in front of you down to only those that are most relevant to your personal circumstances, so we can focus on the solutions best suited to each area of your finances. These solutions are then combined and integrated into a plan that works to improve your wealth as a whole, through clear, flexible steps.

This means you end up with a plan that makes sense for your life and budget today, and can be reviewed and revised to continue to enhance your wealth as your life takes on new direction.

The services and solutions that are integrated into your wealth plan include:

  • One-to-one communication, education and goal-setting
  • Custom portfolio design with objective investment advice
  • Tax minimization aligned with investment strategies and personal goals
  • Risk management strategies that include mortgage, life and business insurance
  • Specialized resources at Raymond James, including
    • Cross border planning
    • Wealth transfer, estate and succession planning for business owners and families